The Russian political scientist, Alexander Gelyevich Dugin is on the 18th episode of our show. Dugin was the president of the Department of Sociology of International Relations of Moscow State University and he has had close ties to the Kremlin and Russian military.
At the beginning Dugin talks about Lebanon mentioning that is an existential ground. He also explains about Arab spring in Middle East and also has some comments on Hezbollah, Christians and the importance of the land of Quds and its historical background. He also emphasizes the importance of our task to maintain the balance and peace in this region.
Then Alexander elaborates on the reason Russia should return to Middle East. Dugin, with his worldwide look, believes that that Russia has come to this region for the first time, with weapon, with army in order to defend the justice, the light, against this army of darkness.
After that he brings up the trip of Putin to Tehran and his visit to Ayatollah Khamenei which was an interesting event after the defeat of ISIS.
Dugin also mentions the importance of the alliance of Eastern countries against the West hegemony.

“Nader’s Show” is hosted by Iranian filmmaker and writer Nader Talebzadeh, who has produced programs for an Iranian audience including a vast number of interviews with the US dissidents and whistleblowers.
American government couldn’t stand his voice of truth thus put sanctions on him to silent his voice, but Nader started a show to be the voice of the voiceless. Voice of the people who has been sanctioned either by governments or by the corporate media.
In “Nader’s Show” he wants to go beyond the borders and let the voices be heard.





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