Here we go with our 16th episode that is dedicated to Dr. Anthony James Hall. He has been the chief editor of the American Herald Tribune and has taught Globalization and liberal education in university. He is also the author of two important books “The American Empire and the Fourth World” and “Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization and Capitalism”.
At the beginning of this episode dr. Hall brings up his activities in the university and the false-flag weekly news Session which was developed by Kevin Barret and they used to talk about the weekly news from the perspective that “we are largely being played and lied to by the mainstream media and by high-ranking authorities”
He believes that the dissident attempts in making the dialogues with people bring out light and knowledge to them and make them aware of the situation. He also explains how this “public service” is actually the “fruits of your research”.
This professor at University of Lethbridge, then, tells us how he was concocted by Israel lobby having a search about 9/11 and a Facebook Post advertising some propaganda about his comments about Israel and Jews.
Dr. Hall believes that one of the tragic elements of the failure of the Academy, is that it never did develop a real base to do the 9/11 studies because 9/11 dramatically transformed the society.


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