On the 13th episode of Nader’s Show, the Marine combat veteran of Vietnam War, Gordon Duff is hosted by Nader Talebzadeh. Duff has been in many programs on TV and radio and has experiences in intelligence business. He is the manager of the world’s largest private intelligence, a UN Diplomat, and also the senior editor of the board of Veterans Today.
The episode starts with Gordon’s comments on New Horizon Conference and the issue that law enforcement institutions are all destroyed in the U.S. and the churches are all subservient to a form of heretical evangelical Zionism.
Then he takes a closer look at United States and President Trump’s administration. He elaborates on the fact that censorship in the United States has gone off the scale. he tells us more about the election mechanisms and lobbies within the United States that control and dictates not only to the press but also to the social media through Google, Facebook etc. He also has some comments about the future of United States.
The editor of Veterans Today then elaborates on two perspectives toward Trump saying “we can see that the dialectic we’re dealing with between those in hate for Trump and that love Trump that they’re the same people and that the victims, are the American people.”

“Nader’s Show” is hosted by Iranian filmmaker and writer Nader Talebzadeh, who has produced programs for an Iranian audience including a vast number of interviews with the US dissidents and whistleblowers.
American government couldn’t stand his voice of truth thus put sanctions on him to silent his voice, but Nader started a show to be the voice of the voiceless. Voice of the people who has been sanctioned either by governments or by the corporate media.
In “Nader’s Show” he wants to go beyond the borders and let the voices be heard.





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