Following the shootdown of a U.S. drone over Iran’s territorial waters and the controversies after that, Nader Talebzadeh is going to have a comprehensive discussion with three prominent experts on Nader’s Show;

Dr. Scott Bennett, ex-U.S. army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion and a researcher at the Heritage Foundation

Pepe Escobar, a prominent correspondent for Asia Times and an analyst for RT

Michael Maloof, ex-senior security policy analyst for the U.S. Secretary of Defense and a specialized trainer for border guards and Special Forces, also Director of the Technology Security Operations for the U.S. Department of Defense

“Nader’s Show” is hosted by Iranian filmmaker and writer Nader Talebzadeh, who has produced programs for an Iranian audience including a vast number of interviews with the US dissidents and whistleblowers. American government couldn’t stand his voice of truth thus put sanctions on him to silent his voice, but Nader started a show to be the voice of the voiceless. Voice of the people who has been sanctioned either by governments or by the corporate media. In “Nader’s Show” he wants to go beyond the borders and let the voices be heard.





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